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We all want our teams to row together, in the same direction and as many coordinates as possible ...
Introducing DRAGONBOAT, the ultimate outdoor Teambulding activity for companies!
Through our dragon-shaped canoes of up to 20 rowers and a captain who will lead the pace of the boat, we will create dynamics that will work the most important values of any business team: work well and acquire values such as coordination, communication or commitment will be the key to getting the boat to sail in the most harmonious way possible and end up having the maximum options to win the small final race of 250 m between the participating teams. We are experts in team cohesion while we laugh and have fun!
Always respecting all the necessary safety measures in Covid-19 times.



Josep Joncà

Chief Coordinator

Av. del Canal Olímpic, 17, 08860 Castelldefels

609 05 18 23